How it works

Initial Contact

The process begins when you first call.

I will listen carefully to what you have to say and I will ask you some questions.  The reason for this is to establish if there is anything we need to do before your session in order to give you your best opportunity to succeed.

Stress can play a major part in keeping people smoking so obviously changing your experience/response to short term and/or chronic stressful situations can get you off the best possible start.  This is the type of thing we talk about on the phone and address in your pre session.

Pre-Session Arrangements

I will send you some forms for completion.  This will include:-

  • a diary of your smoking including your feelings whilst having your first cigarette of the day
  • a questionnaire giving background information on health issues
  • your list of benefits attached to stopping smoking
  • your list of what will happen if you  don’t stop
  • a summary of the financial cost to your smoking
  • the places, people and things associated to every cigarette you smoke
  • what is more important to you than smoking


If a pre session is required then we will aim to change any negative feelings you have.  These will be things like lack of belief, lack of confidence, feelings of “being a good starter but not seeing things through.This may not appear to have anything to do with smoking but minimising the stress response is what we want to do and reframing the reasons for any issues you have is what this session will be all about.

Success Session

In the Success Session we will methodically go through everything we need to do to ensure your success.  This will include:-

  • Reprogramming your thought pattern associated with every cigarette you normally smoke
  • Developing strategies for combating any long and short term stress
  • Explanation of how nicotine affects the chemical messages in the brain and how to overrule these
  • Confirming all the good reasons you have for stopping  smoking and how to use these to help change happen
  • Alleviating any guilt associated with smoking thereby freeing you to stop now
  • Providing you with all the tools you need to identify what your triggers are and when and why you smoke as well as how to change your beliefs around your ability to stop
  • A relaxing hypnotic suggestion pattern.

You will be given your own unique Success Pack to take away with you which will be a reminder of everything we have talked about including the techniques we have used.

Then you start living your smoke-free life – and this is what can happen immediately after smoking your last cigarette:-

  • 20 minutes – pulse returning to normal
  • 8 hours – Nicotine is reduced by 90% and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduced by 75%.
  • 24 hours – Carbon monoxide and nicotine almost eliminated from the body.  Lungs start to clear out smoking debris now the cough suppressant in cigarettes is leaving your system.
  • 48 hours – All traces of nicotine are removed from the body.  The ability to taste and smell improves.
  • 72 hours – Breathing is easier.  Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase.
  • 2 – 12 weeks Circulation continuing to improve and skin’s appearance improving.  Skin losing its grey pallor and becomes less wrinkled.
  • 3 – 9 months coughing and wheezing declines
  • 1 year Excess risk of heart attack reduces by half

Source: ASH – Stopping smoking, The benefits and aids to quitting (June 2013)

Post-Session Support

I care about your success so included in the price of your sessions with me will be free follow up for six months.